Best practice concerning dropbox and usage with mendeley

Tony Anjorin Sep 27, 2012 08:07AM BST


I have already browsed all questions concerning dropbox and am still not sure how best to proceed.

1. I already have a drobbox account for 100GB (I'm pay for this every month) and (cannot afford / do not want) to buy more space in a different "cloud".

2. I already use Mendeley and plan to continue doing so in the future

3. I want all my papers/documents to be in my dropbox and not in Mendeley's cloud

4. It would be very nice to still be able to use Mendeley's automatic file renaming and organization facility

Is it possible to use Mendeley, create references and only "link" to local files on my machine (which are synchronized via dropbox?).

Any suggestions? Tips?

Thank you!!

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Tony Anjorin Sep 27, 2012 10:08AM BST

So I am now doing the following:

- I only synchronize references and not pdf files with Mendeley
- All my pdfs are synchronized via dropbox
- My current installation of Mendeley Desktop, however, knows where these pdf files are and everything works nicely.

The question is: how do I switch PCs (i.e., to a new installation of Mendeley Desktop)?

I hope I can use the backup function but... how will the pdf files be (re)located? Is this guaranteed if I simply ensure that the files can be found on the new machine at exactly the same location as before?

thanks for any suggestions/comments!

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Josh Sep 28, 2012 02:20PM BST Mendeley Agent


This page probably best answers your question:

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with

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Tony Anjorin Sep 28, 2012 02:59PM BST

Thank you, I had already read the question and answers.

The question still worrying me is how to best switch to a new installation of Mendeley Desktop without using the PDF synchronization option.

I hope I can use backups but I'm wondering how local file paths are resolved. I hope this is clear - on one machine the references point to C:/Foo/Bar/APDF.pdf and when I migrate to a new PC + Mendeley Desktop installation what happens? I play in a backup and (hopefully) everything is fine if C:/Foo/Bar/APDF.pdf exists?

(A backup is necessary as the synchronized references in Mendeley Web do not have the entry for the local file path - I checked this)

Thank you!

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Josh Oct 01, 2012 02:47PM BST Mendeley Agent

Sadly it’s not a simple case of a file in C:\Mendeley\myFile.pdf being on one machine and logging into another machine with that file in the same place: Mendeley checks the hash code of a document, and if it has been moved or modified then it will not be possible to open it.

When you setup a new machine you may be able to click and drag the pdfs back into Mendeley desktop (thus recreating the hash), but this would have to be done manually each time.

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