Approx how many references make up the 1 GB limit ?

Roxanna Guide May 05, 2012 12:01AM BST

First, I have a public group. Does this have 500 MB or 1 GB room?
Second, lets say we have 1GB. Then, I am wondering, approximately how many references make up the 1 GB limit (lets say they all have attached articles ) ? Also, how many refs would make up the 1 GB limit if there were no attachments I'm looking for an approximate number, as I realize there is variation in file size, thank you!
Also, how much room does the upgraded version have?

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Charlotte May 08, 2012 11:59AM BST Mendeley Agent

Your storage space is split 50/50 between personal and group storage space. This means that a group belonging to a user with an Earth account who has no other groups would have 500MB of free storage space.

The references without attached files take up very little room, even when there are a lot of them. The file attachments take up the vast majority of storage space in your personal library nad in private groups (they are not attached to references in public groups). The number of file attachments in a private group does depend on the size of each file, and so it does vary from library to library and from user to user.

You can upgrade to a premium plan which would give you either 3.5GB or 7GB of personal storage space and the same amount of group storage space. Hope this helps!

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