How to use the Watched Folders feature

Mendeley Desktop includes a feature called Watched Folders which will automatically import all PDF files saved in your chosen folders from your hard drive to the program when you open Mendeley Desktop. To use this feature, please try the following steps:
  1. Open Mendeley Desktop
  2. Click Tools >Options >Watched Folders in Windows or Linux machines, or Mendeley Desktop >Preferences >Watched Folders in Macs
  3. Check the boxes for the folders you wish to watch
  4. Save PDF files to these folders as normal
When you run Mendeley Desktop, any new PDFs added to these folders will be automatically imported to your All Documents folder in your personal library in Mendeley Desktop. You can then add them to groups, edit them, or add them to folders in your personal library manually. Enabling Watched Folders should only import each PDF file from the folder once. If you do encounter issues such as duplication in your library as a result of using Watched Folders, please let us know through the support forms to the right of the screen.

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