Installing and using the Word plugin in OS X

The Mendeley Word plugin for Mac is currently supported in Word 2011. For more instructions on how to install and use this tool, please see below.

Word 2011
1. Please ensure you have installed the Word Plugin for Mac. Go to Tools and see if there is an 'Install MS Word Plugin' option. If there is, please close Word, in case it's open, and click on the option.

2. Once installed, you should be able to find a toolbar for Mendeley floating in Word. Clicking Insert Citations in this toolbar should cause a dialog box to appear. Please click on the 'Go to Mendeley' button (for this example). If Mendeley Desktop doesn't come to the front, please click on it.

3. Select all the citations you need by pressing the Cmd key and clicking on them.

4. Click on the 'Cite' button, at the top of Mendeley Desktop.

5. The citations selected should appear now in your word document.

6. Click Insert Bibliography in the toolbar to generate a bibliography automatically.

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