• Sharing Libraries

    Can I share my entire library with another person without having to add every new reference to the "group...

    2 Community Answers Aug 03, 2017 03:19PM BST
  • Group Full Error

    Hi! I'm trying to join my research groups Mendeley group but I am getting a notification that the gro...

    1 Community Answer Jul 31, 2017 09:00AM BST
  • Am I dating in accommodation to God?

    When I was sixteen, I recall there being a sneaking depression in my heart. I saw my associates dating and tho...

    1 Community Answer Jul 30, 2017 09:53PM BST
  • Joining error and the webpage shows Page Not Found

    My tutor send me a inviting link by e-mail. I click in and the webpage shows that Page Not Found. I think the ...

    2 Community Answers Jul 30, 2017 11:40AM BST
  • How to prevent pdf sync?

    I just want to share the references, not the pdf documents, i.e. i do NOT want to upload the documents onto my...

    0 Community Answers Jul 28, 2017 03:11AM BST
  • Share an entire library with a group

    My library has a folder structure and many documents that I want to share with a group. How can I share the wh...

    0 Community Answers Jul 25, 2017 02:22AM BST
  • sharing mendeley library

    how can i share my compelete mendeley library with my friend in once

    0 Community Answers Jul 24, 2017 08:29AM BST
  • Recovering lost Data

    I'm operating a group shared between about 10 people. To my surprise, I recently found one of the folders...

    0 Community Answers Jul 24, 2017 07:27AM BST
  • Maximum number of members in a group

    Can you please tell me the maximum members for invite-only or pubblic groups (free account)? We are 30 master...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Jul 18, 2017 09:35AM BST
  • Group/Team Plan upgrade?

    Hi! Im part of a small company and I would like to create research group of 3 people to share articles and su...

    0 Community Answers Jul 14, 2017 07:49AM BST

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