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  • Many mistakes when using the "web importer"

    Why are there still so many mistakes when importing from scholar? Usually, i have to correct every single entr...

    0 Community Answers Mar 15, 2012 09:32AM GMT
  • Stats on my library

    I remember that there was a page showing detailed information and stats on my library, like who are the most i...

    1 Agent Answer 1 Community Answer Mar 12, 2012 11:13AM GMT
  • search not working

    Are there any issues with Mendeley currently? I cannot search any papers.

    2 Agent Answers 3 Community Answers Mar 11, 2012 05:44PM GMT
  • Search not working

    Every time i search for a paper I get the following message: Sorry, an error has occurred during your search. ...

    2 Agent Answers 1 Community Answer Mar 11, 2012 05:23PM GMT
  • search error

    Every time I search for a paper there is an "error". Help?

    2 Agent Answers 2 Community Answers Mar 10, 2012 12:51PM GMT
  • Research Papers Overview - Latest Papers

    When I click on the Popular/Latest Papers button, nothing happens. Is a fault of the web site, or have a misse...

    0 Community Answers Mar 07, 2012 01:14PM GMT
  • View document with mandeley dekstop

    Why i can't open my docoment in my library with mandeley dekstop?

    1 Community Answer Mar 05, 2012 04:28AM GMT
  • preventing import of pdf

    Is there a way to prevent automatic import of pdfs into Mendeley when using the web importer? Sometimes I just...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Feb 29, 2012 07:31PM GMT
  • How to not synchronized my library files on from Mendeley site to my d...

    Hello, my question just like the title upon. I want to cancel some documents on my library on site, i have se...

    2 Agent Answers 1 Community Answer Feb 29, 2012 03:33PM GMT
  • Removing pdfs from a private group

    It there some way to remove the attached pdf file from a paper in a private group on the web site? Specifical...

    1 Agent Answer 1 Community Answer Feb 28, 2012 08:39PM GMT

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