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  • PDF Import on IEEEXplore not working anymore

    The chrome extension stopped working on IEEEXplore website and it cannot detect (and import) the PDF files any...

    6 Community Answers Sep 14, 2017 06:15PM BST
  • Unexpected server response

    PDF.js v1.1.366 (build: 9e9df56) 信息:Unexpected server response (0) while retrieving PDF "https://mendele...

    0 Community Answers Sep 13, 2017 03:33PM BST
  • Syncing doesn't work properly

    I have accidentally put a folder to watch that had many files that I don't need in my Mendley. These have...

    1 Community Answer Sep 13, 2017 07:05AM BST
  • Error "something went wrong during the import"

    Trying to import a .bib file using the "Add"-"Import Bibtex" option, but all I get is the ...

    0 Community Answers Sep 12, 2017 10:30PM BST
  • Can't find my article

    Dear support, I have been encouraged by Energy Procedia to sign up for Mendeley, as I had an article publis...

    0 Community Answers Sep 07, 2017 11:20PM BST
  • Advanced search gone

    Hi, There was a time when using the web version had an advanced search option. I've noticed other user...

    2 Community Answers Sep 05, 2017 11:10AM BST
  • Unable to import any collection into Mendeley web

    In the Mendeley web version under the "add" button (top left) there are various import options - non...

    1 Community Answer Sep 03, 2017 08:33PM BST
  • Mendeley Desktop was unable to connect with your account at mendeley.c...

    Mendeley Desktop was unable to connect with your account at Please check your username and passw...

    1 Agent Answer 18 Community Answers Sep 01, 2017 02:08PM BST
  • Catalog entries update

    Dear Team, is there any chance to update the data in the Mendeley Catalog? I was refining my local database ...

    1 Community Answer Aug 29, 2017 12:13PM BST
  • Web Importer not loading on certain pages

    Hi The web importer (Chrome) doesn't load on the following page:

    2 Community Answers Aug 28, 2017 05:22PM BST

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