Security in Mendeley Web

This article intends to cover the various aspects of security in Mendeley, including when other users will be able to see your actions and when your files will be publicly available.

What Can Other Users See?

By default, a user cannot see anything you do in Mendeley unless they either actively seek you out or are one of your 'followers' on Mendeley. 'Followers' in Mendeley will be able to see your activities in their newsfeed by clicking their 'Dashboard' tab in, whereas other users will have to search for your name using the search feature at the top right of the screen (you can see what they would see by going to your public profile: log into Mendeley Web and click your name on the top right of the screen next to your notifications window).
Typically users will be able to see (referred to as Profile Updates):
·         People you have connected with (i.e., added as followers)
·         Groups you have joined
·         Documents you have added to groups
·         Comments you have made in groups
This can be changed in your security settings (see 'Changing Privacy and Security' below).

Private and Public Groups

There are two types of Group in Mendeley: Private and Public (see for more information).
In terms of privacy, anything you do in public groups can be viewed by anyone. Anything you do in private groups will only be viewable by other members of that group.

Changing Privacy and Security

In Mendeley Web you can click the down arrow next to your profile photo in the top right hand corner of the screen, and click 'Privacy' to make changes to your privacy.
Here, you can limit who can see your profile - everyone, or only your Mendeley followers.

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