Community Guidelines

At Mendeley we believe in sincere and honest collaboration. Due to this, we have some guidelines to make sure everyone gets the most out of Mendeley.

Please do
  • Take part and participate in academic discussions and help other users with their research or how to use Mendeley.
  • Be polite and respectful with users of the Mendeley forums and in your communications with Mendeley Support.
  • Follow the rules of communication etiquette, (e.g. use proper case, not all capital letters, etc).
  • Make sure that anything you add to My Publications is your own work.
  • Make sure you stay on topic when participating in discussions.
  • Help us to correct what’s wrong, e.g. if you find that a discipline description is incorrect, feel free to edit it, if you find that a subdiscipline is wrongly placed or if catalog pages contain incorrect data, broken links, etc, please let us know.
  • Mendeley is an international community of scholars. Please be respectful of other cultures and religious backgrounds.

Please don’t
  • Do not use swear words, profane, crude or sexual language when in the Mendeley Forums or when contacting Mendeley Support.
  • Do not upload private files, such as CVs, medical records, tax return forms, etc., this will help us keep the Mendeley catalog clean.
  • Do not post pornographic or obscene material in Mendeley, in comments, messages, groups, or in the Mendeley forums.
  • Do not post commercial messages or links when using Mendeley.
  • Do not post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages.
  • Do not distribute information that you know to be false or illegal.

Mendeley reserves the right to take appropriate actions at our discretion against any users who are in breach of our Community Guidelines including, but not limited to, removing the inappropriate content from Mendeley and/or closing/banning the account of such users without notice.

If you wish to report inappropriate material to Mendeley, please contact our support team.

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