Will others be able to see my Library?

No! We take your privacy very seriously. No one will be able to see the contents of your library, unless you explicitly share it with them. Also, no personal information or data about your ongoing research will ever be published on your research profile, unless you yourself choose to do so.

Mendeley only aggregates document details and statistics from the individual users' accounts anonymously (see the illustration below). Nothing about your personal data can be inferred from the aggregated data. As a user, you and everyone else will benefit from this anonymous aggregation because it

  • improves the automatic document details extraction,
  • allows you unprecedented insights into the statistics and research trends of your academic discipline,
  • will help to create the world's largest academic database, open and accessible to everyone.
Mendeley Privacy

Should you disagree with this policy or be worried about something, please do not hesitate to contact us. We pledge to you that you own your data, and that you can always delete it from our servers completely – no records whatsoever will be kept. For more details, please also see our Privacy Policy.

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