How much of an effort is it to set up and maintain my library in Mendeley?

We've designed Mendeley so that setting up your library is almost as painless as sunshine and kittens. It does initially require a few minutes of your time, but it's worth it. Once your library is set up, Mendeley makes your research much more efficient instead of slowing you down. Here's how it works:

After you've installed Mendeley Desktop on your computer, you simply drag PDFs into the Mendeley library. The automatic recognition starts to run and extracts the document details (and as more people use Mendeley, the better the recognition will become; also see How does the automatic recognition work?). In the best case, that's it – you can start using your library! In the worst case, you may have to correct some recognition errors manually. But even then, Mendeley has an auto-complete feature which starts to suggest author and journal names as you type.

Afterwards, it's completely effortless. You can full-text search all your documents, tag and annotate them, and automatically synchronise your library with your Mendeley Web account. The content, statistics, and article recommendations on Mendeley Web will be specifically tailored to you based on your existing library – no additional work is required.

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