How do I add the Mendeley Web Importer to my iPad?

To install the 'Import to Mendeley' bookmarklet on your iPad you will need to do the following:

1) On your iPad, go into 'Settings' --> 'Safari' and set 'Show favourites bar' to 'On' (or, if you are using iOS 6 set 'Always Show Bookmarks Bar' to 'On').

2) Highlight the below text on your iPad and 'Copy' it (you will need it for step 6):


3) Go into the Safari app and click the 'Share' button (the box with an arrow pointing out of it, to the left of the URL) then click 'Bookmark'

4) In the top box, type in 'Save to Mendeley' and make sure the third box has 'Bookmarks Bar' selected and 'Save'

5) Tap the open book icon, select 'Bookmarks' (the top left open book), click 'Bookmarks Bar' --> 'Edit' --> 'Save to Mendeley'.

6) Delete the text in the second box and replace it with the text you copied in 2).

7) Click Back to 'Bookmarks Bar', then click 'Done'.

There should now be a 'Save to Mendeley' button just below the URL in Safari.

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